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 July 14, 2024
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Latest News from Kodin

New Website Tools
Are you looking to create or add functionality to your website?

Integrate a photo gallery, discussion forum, online store, or private member area seemlessly into your website.

For more information, give one of our sales staff a call or email us at info@kodin.ca.

Is your virus checker up to date?
One of our consultants came across ONE computer with 627 viruses yesterday!

Today, a client that was using Norton Antivirus with the latest virus definition files, had 5 trojans found on his computer. One was even in memory! Make sure that your virus checker is up to date. This means the scan engine as well as the virus definition files. One invaluable resource can be found at Trend Micro. Find the link that says 'free online scan' and you're on your way to a virus free computer. Remember, this is not a replacement for a virus checker but just a quick application to see if your current virus checker is working and to ensure that your computer is virus free. To be most effective, a virus checker must always be running on a system to check all incoming files.

If your company/computer is hit by a virus, it can mean thousands of dollars in lost productivity and revenue. Keep yourself safe from viruses and ransomware. Contact us if you need help finding the best solution for your company.
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